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What Bill Gates Wished He Could Tell His Younger Self

Recently, Bill Gates had a conversation with an A.I. chatbot to answer some questions about his life and career. The chatbot asked what he wishes he could tell his younger self, and the answers Gates gave were both insightful and inspiring. Let’s take a look at what he said in more detail.

Gates’ first response was that he wished he had known more about technology when he was younger—not just what technology can do, but also how it works and how to use it effectively. He noted that “while I didn’t need to spend my time coding (although I did), understanding tech architecture would have been really useful.”

He also shared that he wished he had taken the time to learn more about the world outside of technology. In particular, Gates said that if he could go back in time, “I would have studied economics much harder. I took an economics class at Harvard as a freshman but only got a C-. That’s one of the few regrets I have from college because it’s so fundamental for business and investing.”

Finally, Gates stated that he wished he had spent more time with people rather than computers when he was younger. He noted that “it took me too long to appreciate the power of relationships,” adding “I wish I could give my younger self advice on how to build strong relationships early on in life.”

Overall, it is clear from Bill Gates’ conversation with the AI chatbot that there are many things we all wish we knew when we were younger. Technology is such an important part of our lives now and understanding its architecture is essential for success in business and other areas of life. Additionally, having knowledge of economics can be incredibly valuable as well as knowing how to build strong relationships early on in life. Hopefully this advice from Bill Gates will help you make wise decisions about your future!

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