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Walter shields data academy

Benefits of learning with Walter shields data academy

Unlock Your Data Potential with AI-Powered Training on WSDA Learning – Revolutionize Your Data Expertise and Join the Future of Data Analysis!

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Premium LinkedIn Learning Courses

SQL Zero to Hero

Unlock the potential of big data with Walter Shields’ interactive and project-based SQL course. Join a cohort of like-minded learners and build hands-on skills through live workshops and projects. Experience active learning and engage with others through breakout rooms and team projects.


Best seller

SQL Quickstart Guide

Discover the #1 bestseller SQL book for beginners in 2023, which includes a sample database, SQL browser app, comprehension quizzes, and other digital resources. Prepare for a data-driven future and enhance your career with this college-level course material designed for beginners.


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The sessions are in depth teaching of analyzing data. The AI lectures providecontent that goes above and beyond to explain the concepts to your
It is one of the best decision I have made towards learning how to analyse. 

Alejandro Stelle 🇦🇹

What makes WSDA is the attention the have pay to learners and their ability to communicate technical concepts in language that is diegestible to all skill levels.

Sarah Van Bree 🇧🇪

The training is just brilliant! The content is very small detailed, lectures are easy to understand with great examples and you get hands on practice with real world projects

Amira gardner 🇺🇸

I needed an effective way to obtain data analytics skills to start my new career: with support from WSDA Learning.
I feel I Am well on my way to accomplishing my goal as I develp my skills 

Annabel Rocha 🇦🇹

As a non-technical professional, this platform allowed me to become an analytics expert within the domain I worked in for 10 Years, finance. I’m now. a Finance Data Analysist!

Michael tuffour 🇽🇰

I feel I am well on my way to accomplishing my goal as I develop my skills.

Jaden Leach 🇿🇦

Walter Shields:

Founder - Data no Doubt

Walter Shields is a renowned data expert with over 25 years of experience managing data systems for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in industries ranging from law and healthcare to retail and beyond. 

Bestselling author of the number one book on data analytics, ‘SQL Quickstart Guide’, Walter’s insights are sought after by learners around the globe. He is also a LinkedIn Learning course creator of top-rated data analytics courses and a professional in data science and machine learning from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Over 200,000+ learners have already benefited from Walter’s guidance and expertise, as he helps them transform their data skills and achieve their goals.

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Frequently asked questions.

The Basic Membership, at a one-time fee of $9.99, offers course enrollment, cost-effective learning, quality educational content, and is beginner-friendly.

For $19.99/month, Silver Membership includes all Basic features, 24/7 AI Q&A support, access to a private community forum, and in-depth insights.

Gold Membership, at $49.99/month, offers all Silver features plus live interactive sessions and access to expert instructors.

Courses are designed to be completed over an average of 8 weeks, providing a structured learning journey.

Courses are designed to fit your lifestyle, administered via email. You’ll receive the first email immediately, a weekly recap with a quiz, followed by the next lesson’s email. This sequence is designed to engage you effectively, enabling learning without overwhelming.

Most courses, in the Data Analytics and Data Science paths, conclude with a capstone project that integrates the learning from all weeks.

Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any stage to access more comprehensive features and resources.

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Over 200,000 learners have already benefited from Walter’s guidance and expertise, as he helps them transform their data skills and achieve their goals. Join the Walter Shields Data Academy today and discover the power of data analytics and data science for yourself!


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