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Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course covers everything from SQL basics to advanced techniques over 10-11 weeks, providing a thorough understanding of the subject.


Interactive Learning: Engage in weekly live sessions with our expert instructor, Walter, for a hands-on, interactive learning experience.


24/7 Support: Benefit from round-the-clock assistance to have your questions answered anytime, enhancing your learning process.

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    Great course! Concepts are nicely connected with ample relevant real life examples.

    Highly recommend this course.

    Shine Jayakumar

    Python Developer
    Reviewer Rating 5 out of 5

    Very good practical introduction to SQL for starters. Solid methodical approach with code demonstration step by step. Plenty of clearly explained examples.

    Coding environment contains clear task definition and helpful hints, proposes field name autocompletion, and is very convenient to solve challenge.

    Serhii Pylypenko

    Java Developer
    Reviewer Rating 5 out of 5

    I was honestly afraid to start SQL thinking it requires coding (being from a non IT background) but Walter is making it seem soo easy!

    The pace of the course is superb for a beginner like me. Walter is clear and precise with his explanation. The best part I liked about this course is the practical examples and knowledge between each section. I will defiantly recommend this to me colleagues.

    Yashpal Singh

    Sr. Service Delivery Analyst

    Excellent training for SQL Takes you from the basics to real world SQL I finally understand joins now and its awesome I highly recommend this course!

    Marcellino Samuels


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    Walter Shields

    Walter Shields is a renowned data expert with over 25 years of experience managing data systems for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in industries ranging from law and healthcare to retail and beyond.

    He is a passionate advocate for knowledge sharing and inclusion in the world of data, and the founder of the Walter Shields Data Academy – an educational platform that empowers learners with best practices in data analytics and data science. 

    As the bestselling author of the number one book on data analytics, ‘SQL Quickstart Guide’, Walter’s insights are sought after by learners around the globe. He is also a LinkedIn Learning course creator of top-rated data analytics courses and a professional in data science and machine learning from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    Over 200,000+ learners have already benefited from Walter’s guidance and expertise, as he helps them transform their data skills and achieve their goals. Join the Walter Shields Data Academy today and discover the power of data analytics and data science for yourself!

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    SQL Essentials Email Course


    $9.99 USD


    SQL Essentials Training


    11 Weeks


    Weekly Email

    Course syllabus



    In this module you will be introduced to the concept of a relational database, the SELECT statement and showcase the types of data you will encounter in a database:

    • Understanding the language databases use
    • How a relational database functions
    • Data types
    • Relational database management systems (RDBMSs)
    • SQLite



    In this module you will become familiar with the resources intended to be used in conjunction with this course, as well as the many exercises and self-assessment questions that will help you test your SQL knowledge:

    • Setting up our SQL environment
    • The sTunes database
    • DB Browser for SQLite
    • Self-assessments
    • SQL learning strategies  



    In this module, we will familiarize ourselves with the interface of our chosen SQL browser for SQLite: DB Browser:

    • Launching the SQL software
    • Opening a database file
    • The Database Structure tab
    • The Browse Data tab
    • The Execute SQL tab



    In this module you will cover the basics of writing a good query and formatting the results. By the end of this module you will be able to select individual fields from a specific database and display those fields in alphabetical order:

    • Query notation techniques
    • SQL query basics
    • Using an alias
    • Sorting results alphabetically
    • Limiting query results 



    Learn how SQL provides some tools that not only allow you to narrow down your result set  that is, the results of your query to very specific data, but also to order and filter your data by user-specified conditions:

    • Operators in SQL
    • The WHERE clause
    • Searching for text using wildcard values
    • The DATE()



    In this module you will learn to access data from multiple tables simultaneously. You become comfortable obtaining data from two or more tables with a single query by using powerful tools called joins: 

    • Introducing joins
    • Joins and relational database structure
    • Joins and aliases
    • Inner join, left outer join, and right outer 



    In this module you will learn how to simplify your calculations by using functions:

    • Adding calculations to your queries
    • Types of functions in SQL
    • String functions
    • Date functions
    • Aggregate functions



    In this chapter you’ll learn about Subqueries and how to use them as an alternate method of simultaneously accessing data from more than one table: 

    • Subqueries and aggregate functions
    • SELECT statement subqueries
    • WHERE clause subqueries
    • Subqueries without aggregate functions
    • Returning multiple values



    Transform queries into reusable views, modify and remove views, create views from joins, and learn data manipulation techniques for inserting, updating, and deleting data.


    • Turning Previous Queries into Views
    • Why We Use Views
    • How to Modify a View 
    • Creating a View from Joins 
    • Removing a View Using the DROP Statement



    • Data Analysis Versus Database Management
    • Inserting Data into a Database
    • Updating Data and the SET Keyword 
    • Deleting Data


    Project Missing Money Matters: Unleash Your Inner SQL Detective!

    Unveil financial mysteries in ‘Project Missing Money Matters’ for WSDA Music! In this final SQL Essentials challenge, analyze transaction data from 2011-2012, identify key insights, and solve the case with your SQL detective skills.

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    SQL Essentials Email Course


    $9.99 USD


    SQL Essentials Training


    11 Weeks


    Weekly Email

    Course schedule

    1 email lesson each week for 11 weeks

    Structured Weekly Content

    Weekly Chapter Releases: Building Skills Step-by-Step

    The course is organized into an 11-week timeline, delivering structured learning materials straight to your inbox. Each week, you’ll receive a new chapter or module, allowing you to progressively build your SQL knowledge from the basics to more advanced concepts.

    Interactive Live Sessions

    Live Interactive Learning: Engage with Experts and Peers

    Alongside the weekly emailed content, the course includes live interactive sessions. These sessions, led by our expert instructor Walter, provide hands-on learning experiences. They are scheduled once a week, offering real-time engagement and the opportunity to discuss concepts, ask questions, and interact with fellow learners.

    Flexible Learning Pace

    Learn at Your Leisure: Flexibility Meets Functionality

    Despite the structured weekly releases and live sessions, the course is designed to accommodate your personal schedule. All live sessions are recorded, enabling you to catch up whenever it’s convenient. This flexibility ensures that you can balance learning SQL with your other commitments, making the course suitable for busy professionals, students, and anyone with a demanding schedule.

    Based on my Best-Selling Book and 5 star LinkedIn Learning SQL Essentials Course

    Our Plans

    Basic Plan

    Kickstart Your SQL Journey - Essentials Email Course for Only $9.99

    This email course, backed by the bestselling “SQL Quickstart Guide” and the 4.9-star-rated LinkedIn Learning course “SQL Essential Training” with over 200,000 learners, provides essential learning at an affordable price. Perfect for beginners seeking a comprehensive and cost-effective way to learn SQL.

    Premium Silver

    Advanced SQL Learning - 24/7 AI Support & Data Analytics Insights

    Elevate your SQL proficiency with our Premium Silver package, priced at just $19.99/month. This plan boosts your learning journey with 24/7 AI support, featuring a GPT-4 system specifically trained on course content and the broader SQL domain for unparalleled assistance. Ideal for those desiring in-depth knowledge and continuous, enhanced guidance in SQL. Interactive SQL Network Access: Additionally, gain exclusive entry to a private forum for collaborative SQL learning. Connect with peers and experts, enhancing skills through community-driven insights. Perfect for networking and real-world SQL problem-solving.

    Premium Gold

    SQL Mastery - Engage with a Top-Rated Author in Interactive Live Sessions

    At $49.99/month, the Premium Gold plan immerses you in SQL excellence, featuring live, interactive weekly recaps by our distinguished instructor, a bestselling author with a 4.9-star rating and over 200,000 learners. These sessions ensure you grasp every concept fully, with opportunities to revisit topics and get your questions answered. Plus, receive a complimentary copy of the ‘SQL Quickstart Guide’. Ideal for those dedicated to achieving deep and comprehensive SQL mastery.

    Corporate SQL Training

    Enhance Your Team's Skills with Tailored Live Classes

    Designed exclusively for businesses, our SQL live cohort groups offer in-person or teleconference sessions tailored to corporate needs at special pricing. Engage your team in a collaborative and interactive environment, fostering their professional growth in SQL. Ideal for companies focusing on practical, team-oriented learning. Use our form to specify your corporate requirements and join our corporate training program.

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    SQL Essentials Email Course


    $9.99 USD


    SQL Essentials Training


    11 Weeks


    Weekly Email

    Live Interactive Learning: Engage with Experts and Peers

    Engage Actively, not passive watch

    This course expands upon weekly lessons and practical projects.

    Interactive and hands-on approach

    Collaborate with fellow learners 

    Study alongside a peer group

    Connect with a community of individuals who share your passion for learning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In our 11-week course, you’ll learn everything from basic SQL queries to advanced data analysis techniques. The curriculum is designed to gradually build your skills, making you proficient in SQL by the end of the course.

    The course is flexible to fit your schedule. We recommend dedicating 3-5 hours per week to fully grasp the concepts and participate in the live sessions, but you can pace your learning as per your convenience.

    You can with completion of the LinkedIn Learning course ‘SQL Essential Training’ by Walter.  Requires separate LinkedIn Learning subscription or LinkedIn Learning video course purchase. 

    Absolutely! Our course is tailored for beginners. With step-by-step guidance and resources like the “SQL Quickstart Guide,” you’ll find the course easy to follow and understand, regardless of your prior knowledge.

    Yes, we have weekly live sessions with our expert instructor, Walter Shields, with a Premium Gold membership. These sessions are also recorded, so if you miss them, you can catch up at any time that suits you.

    Our course content is strategically aligned with these resources. This integration offers a comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to supplement your email course learning with these well-established SQL guides.

    We provide 24/7 AI support for any queries or challenges you might face. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. You’re never alone in your learning journey!

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    SQL Essentials Email Course


    $9.99 USD


    SQL Essentials Training


    11 Weeks


    Weekly Email