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Unlock Your Organization's Full Potential with Expert Data Analytics Training by Best-Selling Author Walter Shields. Elevate Your Team's Skills and Drive Success with Custom Live Virtual Events and Online Courses in Data Literacy and Analytics.


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Walter Shields:

Founder - Data no Doubt

Walter Shields is a renowned data expert with over 25 years of experience managing data systems for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in industries ranging from law and healthcare to retail and beyond. 

Bestselling author of the number one book on data analytics, ‘SQL Quickstart Guide’, Walter’s insights are sought after by learners around the globe. He is also a LinkedIn Learning course creator of top-rated data analytics courses and a professional in data science and machine learning from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Over 40,000 learners have already benefited from Walter’s guidance and expertise, as he helps them transform their data skills and achieve their goals.

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Frequently asked questions.

We provide valuable training in Data Science and Data Analytics to beginner, intimidate and advanced individual and corporate learners. We’re pleased to present this content in multiple formats:

1. Video Courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform –  $39.99/month or 19.99/ Annual.

2. Live Instruction CohortsLive sessions are a healthy mix of Data Analysis concept explanations, interactive demos, and peer to peer projects to keep you active and connected with your fellow data analyst – $1497 or 4 monthly payments of $375 each.

3. SQL Quickstart Guide. The #1 Bestselling book on SQL – $22.49 Paperback | $29.10 Hardcover

4. AI-Powered training videos. –  Offer based model. Suggested Subscription $20/month

It depends on the type of training you choose.  Generally our

Video trainings are self paced.

Live cohorts start from 3 weeks.

Yes. There are learners who complete our programs while working full-time. However we encourage hard work and dedication if you intend to join the program regardless of current work status.

We do everything we can to help you find a job. This includes helping you with networking, technical landscape, resume and LinkedIn reviews, cover letter writing, negotiating, navigating the job search, and interview preparation

No. No prior knowledge in a particular field of study is required. We’ve learned that learners who are motivated, with grit, determination, and aptitude, regardless of previous knowledge or experience are successful.

Yes! Our courses on LinkedIn & our Live Cohorts have Certificates that are awarded upon completion of the training.

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The sessions are in depth teaching of analyzing data. The AI lectures providecontent that goes above and beyond to explain the concepts to your understanding.
It is one of the best decision I have made towards learning how to analyse. 

Alejandro Stelle 🇦🇹

What makes WSDA is the attention the have pay to learners and their ability to communicate technical concepts in language that is diegestible to all skill levels.

Sarah Van Bree 🇧🇪

The training is just brilliant! The content is very small detailed, lectures are easy to understand with great examples and you get hands on practice with real world projects

Amira gardner 🇺🇸

I needed an effective way to obtain data analytics skills to start my new career: with support from WSDA Learning.
I feel I Am well on my way to accomplishing my goal as I develp my skills 

Annabel Rocha 🇦🇹

As a non-technical professional, this platform allowed me to become an analytics expert within the domain I worked in for 10 Years, finance. I’m now. a Finance Data Analysist!

Michael tuffour 🇽🇰

I feel I am well on my way to accomplishing my goal as I develop my skills

Jaden Leach 🇿🇦

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