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The Hollywood Fear of Generative AI: Deeper Than Just Deepfakes

For many years, Hollywood has been a place where people turn to when they need entertainment and some of the biggest cultural icons of our time. However, with the increasing advancements in technology, modern Hollywood finds itself in a state of fear and uncertainty. One of the biggest threats Hollywood is facing today is the rise of Generative AI. With the ability to create videos of people that are almost indistinguishable from real life, actors and writers are becoming increasingly worried that their jobs may become obsolete. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the fears of Hollywood and why they are so very real.

One of the clearest examples of the threat posed by generative AI to Hollywood is the rise of Deepfakes. For those who don’t know, Deepfakes enable someone to create a video of anyone they like, just by using a photograph or a couple of videos. The end result looks like a normal video, except that the person in the video is someone else entirely. This is a clear threat to the livelihood of actors in the industry, who may become replaced by these Deepfakes which are much cheaper and faster to produce.

However, these fears are not just limited to actors or even the entertainment industry. The rise of Generative AI could have major implications for writers too. With the ability to create natural-sounding speech, AI is now able to create entire pieces of content that are both coherent and of a high quality. Some examples of these AI-generated stories are already on the market, making it clear that writers may soon have to compete with AI for their work.

Moreover, the potential of generative AI isn’t just limited to the entertainment industry, it has a whole host of other applications as well. For example, in a world where someone could easily create a deepfake video of a political leader, the damage that could be done is incalculable. This has already begun to happen in some countries, where Deepfakes have been used to deceive and create confusion among citizens.

All of these factors have led to a state of panic within the entertainment industry, with some Unions now negotiating with the major studios to put safeguards in place. However, even these safeguards may not be enough, given the rapid pace of technological advancement in AI. The fear is that just as quickly as safeguards are put in place, new AI-powered technologies may emerge that are able to bypass them entirely.

In conclusion, the fear of Hollywood regarding the potential of Generative AI is very real. With the rise of Deepfakes and the potential for them to replace actors and writers, this technology is posing a significant threat to the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the potential implications are not just limited to this industry, with potential consequences for politics and society as a whole. It’s clear that some safeguards need to be put in place, but given the pace of technological advancement, and the potential for AI-powered technologies to bypass these safeguards, the future remains very uncertain. It’s clear that wise investments in curbing the unmatched growth of AI technologies must be made before the situation spirals out of control.

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