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Microsoft Designer: The Future of AI-Powered Design

We’ve come a long way from designing by hand. From using pen and paper, to design software like Photoshop and Illustrator, we’ve now entered the age of artificial intelligence-powered designs. Introducing Microsoft Designer: a web app that makes designing a breeze. Launched in public preview, Microsoft Designer represents the future of design, offering an array of features that simplifies the design process. With AI-generated content and customizations, Designer allows you to make professional-looking designs without any design training. Let’s take a closer look at what Microsoft Designer has to offer.

Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered design tool that generates designs for various types of media. From posters, presentations, digital postcards, invitations, and graphics, Designer can ideate designs with user-created content and DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s text-to-image AI. Simply input your content and click create! Designer will provide an entire list of design options to choose from.

But Microsoft has more up its sleeve. In the public preview, Designer now generates written captions and hashtags relevant to social media posts. No more wracking your brain for the right hashtag, let Microsoft Designer do it for you. Designer now also provides animated visuals complete with backgrounds and text transitions, powered by AI.

“AI models have steadily improved, and we’ve worked to weave these powerful capabilities throughout the Designer canvas in even more delightful ways, while keeping you in control,” says Bryan Rognier, GM at Microsoft’s 365 Consumer division.

In the future, Designer will add more editing features, including the ability to place an object in a specific spot in a graphic and automatically fill in the rest of a picture. Forthcoming “erase” and “replace background” options, meanwhile, will let users brush over objects, people or backdrops they didn’t intend to be in a graphic.

So, what does this mean for designers? Microsoft Designer is not meant to replace professional design software – it’s meant to supplement it. For those who are not trained in design, Designer offers an affordable and accessible solution for small design projects. For professionals, Designer’s AI-powered features can help streamline the design process, leaving designers with more time to focus on creative initiatives.

Microsoft Designer is an exciting addition to the AI-powered design world, offering a wealth of features that make designing more accessible and affordable for everyone. The public preview of Designer now includes written captions and hashtags relevant to social media, and animated visuals powered by AI. Future updates to Designer will offer even more editing options, such as placing an object in a specific spot in a graphic and automatically filling in the rest of the picture. Microsoft Designer is not here to replace professional design software but rather offer a solution for small design projects and supplement professional design efforts. With Microsoft Designer, the future of design looks very exciting.

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