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Microsoft and Moody’s Collaboration: Enhancing Risk Assessment and Data Management with AI

Microsoft and Moody’s have joined forces to co-create new products and services that enhance research and risk assessment, built on Azure OpenAI Service for enhanced data and risk management. This significant collaboration aims to drive firm-wide innovation and productivity through AI-powered technology. Additionally, Moody’s will be adopting Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication while ensuring the highest compliance standards.

Moody’s CoPilot, an internal copilot tool, is at the center of the collaboration and has been deployed to Moody’s 14,000 global employees. The tool combines Moody’s proprietary data, analytics, and research with the latest large language models (LLMs) alongside Microsoft’s world-class generative AI technology to enhance employee productivity. The newly created digital sandbox will allow Moody’s employees to work safely and securely with AI-powered tools.

Microsoft Teams will be implemented to provide a new and improved platform for Moody’s knowledge workers and customers. The platform will enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity while maintaining high levels of compliance standards. With the implementation of Microsoft Teams, Moody’s employees will be able to work efficiently, while customers will have better access to information, making the entire process more streamlined and effective.

In terms of applications for Moody’s broad range of solutions, Microsoft will be leveraging the Orbis database, which is one of the most powerful databases on companies, with applications that include third-party reference data, counterparty risk assessment, and supply chain management. This will enable increased access to data and better management of risk, resulting in more informed business decisions.

Furthermore, Microsoft and Moody’s collaboration will enable the delivery of data to their joint customers through Microsoft Fabric, a new analytic platform for end-to-end data management. This platform will have the potential to revolutionize the way data is managed and could provide the opportunity for businesses to make more accurate and informed decisions.

Moody’s also acknowledges the potential of Azure’s cloud platform to power its growing suite of generative AI capabilities. The utilization of Azure will enable Moody’s to provide state-of-the-art AI-powered technology while also providing cloud-based applications for their customers.

The partnership between Microsoft and Moody’s is an unprecedented step towards enhancing data management and risk assessment through AI-enabled technology. The adoption of Microsoft Teams, Moody’s CoPilot, Orbis database, and Microsoft Fabric will enable Moody’s employees to work more efficiently while also providing customers with better access to information. The implementation of these programs will revolutionize how Moody’s does business, and it will set the stage for AI-powered technology to grow in the financial sector. With that said, the partnership between Moody’s and Microsoft shows great promise and will be watched closely by the financial industry.

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