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How Francis Chin Found a New Calling at 70 as a Data Analyst

Mr Francis Chin’s life trajectory is a testament to the adage that it’s never too late to learn. Despite working predominantly in administrative jobs and content development, Mr Chin recognised the need to immerse himself in new knowledge continuously. This led him to acquire new skills and evolve, discovering the world of data science at the age of 70.

In this article, Mr Francis Chin’s journey highlights the importance of lifelong learning and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. It is a narrative of persistence, hard work, and evident lifelong dedication.

After completing his Senior Cambridge examinations, Francis Chin started work as a data entry clerk while attending night classes for two years to attain his A-level certification from the Adult Education Board. He understood the importance of education and learning early on in his career.

In 1972, after completing his national service, Chin worked in a string of administrative jobs before applying to work at the New Nation newspaper in 1977. During his 38-year career spent mostly in content development, he recognised the need to further his education and continue learning.

However at 70 years old, Mr Chin found a new calling as a data analyst. He joined Xaltius, a company that provides training and consulting services in Data Science, where he learned sklls in data science, like Python and SQL, programming languages that enable data to be crunched, organized, and queried for analysis. This allowed him to develop his technical skills, and he soon excelled in his new role as a data analyst.

Reflecting on his life’s journey and educational experiences, Mr Chin notes that it is all about persistent effort. He advises that one has to keep going even when you don’t feel like doing it. This mindset has been the driving force behind his achievements, and he continues to push himself to keep learning and growing.

This article has explored Mr Francis Chin’s journey from a data entry clerk to a newsman, and finally, a data analyst. His life serves as an inspiration to anyone wishing to pursue a better future through education and hard work. Through persistent effort and the dedication to learning, he has continued to expand his skills and excel in his career. Mr Chin’s story shows that age is not a barrier to pursuing a new career and that learning is a lifelong journey that can lead to new opportunities.

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