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Growing Demand for Machine Learning Skills in GenAI Job Roles



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the job market, creating numerous opportunities for tech professionals and enthusiasts. A recent report by Indeed indicates that 42% of job roles related to Generative AI (GenAI) require machine learning skills, highlighting the increasing importance of machine learning in the AI landscape. This blog post explores the key findings of the Indeed report, examines the skills in demand, and discusses the implications for professionals and businesses alike.


AI Employment Opportunities

The Indeed study found that 42% of GenAI-related job listings mention “machine learning” as a required skill, indicating its significance in the AI job market.


The Role of Python in GenAI Job Listings

Python is considered a crucial skill for roles involving GenAI. According to the Indeed report, 40% of GenAI job listings in India require proficiency in Python. This programming language is known for its versatility and ease of use, making it a popular choice for AI and machine learning projects.


Other Essential Skills for AI Roles

In addition to machine learning and Python, several other AI and communication skills are highly sought after by recruiters. Natural language processing (NLP) appears in 20% of job listings, while TensorFlow is mentioned in 19%. Data science skills are required in 17% of GenAI job ads, reflecting the importance of data analysis in AI projects.


Key Tech Skills in Demand

The Indeed report highlights several key tech skills that are in high demand among Indian recruiters:

  • Machine learning (42%)

  • Python (40%)

  • AI (36%)

  • Communication skills (23%)

  • Natural language processing (20%)

  • TensorFlow (19%)

  • Data Science (17%)

  • AWS (14%)

  • Deep learning (14%)

  • Java (11%)

  • Azure (11%)

  • Image processing (10%)

  • SQL (10%)

  • PyTorch (9%)

  • Agile (8%)


The Need for Skill Development

Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed India, commented on the findings, emphasizing the importance of skill development for India’s position in the global AI landscape. He stated that continuous learning and upskilling are necessary to keep up with the evolving demands of the AI sector.


The Future of AI in India

The AI market in India is projected to reach a size of $17 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% to 35%, according to NASSCOM and BCG. This rapid expansion presents challenges, as companies face difficulties in finding qualified professionals to implement and manage these technologies.


Bridging the Skills Gap

The Indeed report highlights a significant skills gap in the AI sector, with companies facing challenges in finding professionals with the necessary expertise. Addressing this gap requires investment in skill development and support for continuous learning initiatives.



The demand for machine learning and other AI-related skills is increasing, creating opportunities for tech professionals and enthusiasts. Developing expertise in key areas such as Python, NLP, and data science can enhance employability and contribute to the growth of the AI industry. Ongoing learning and skill enhancement are crucial for remaining competitive in this fast-changing field.


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