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Feature Friday: How a 33-Year-Old AI Research Scientist Earns $250,000 Yr and Saves 64% of his Income

The story of Hassam Sheikh, a 33-year-old AI research scientist who earns a yearly salary of $250,000 and saves 64% of his income, is a true inspiration. His journey from arriving in Orlando, Florida, with only $2,000 to purchasing a 6-bedroom house and paying off his car loan in full is truly remarkable. In this article, we will share the secrets to his financial success and how he manages to save such a significant portion of his income.

As a new immigrant with a mere $2,000 to his name, Sheikh arrived in Orlando, Florida, in 2016 to pursue his doctorate in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Despite encountering financial difficulties while studying, Sheikh was confident that his chosen career path would be profitable in the end. After completing his doctorate, he landed a full-time job at Intel and quickly began to see a positive financial turnaround in his life.

Sheikh’s financial turnaround was evident when he managed to save $60,000 in only six months from his full-time salary at Intel. He utilized his savings to purchase a six-bedroom home in Orlando that he shares with his two adorable cats, Deborah Donatella and Diana Wintour. To defray the monthly mortgage payment of $2,300, Sheikh rents out rooms to UCF grad students, which is a smart way to supplement his income.

One of the most impressive things about Sheikh is his approach to purchasing cars. Rather than going for a fancy sports car, he opts for high-interest car loans with lower dealer prices. Once he agrees to the terms of the loan, he pays it off in full in a matter of months. This approach has allowed him to own three cars since 2021, completely paid off, which is a smart way to avoid costly car payments.

Sheikh’s ability to save a large percentage of his income is due to his smart spending habits. He avoids overspending and instead focuses on things he values, such as traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, and staying healthy. Sheikh’s advice for others who want to save money is to have a clear understanding of what you value most and prioritize your purchases accordingly.

In conclusion, Hassam Sheikh’s story is awe-inspiring and exemplary. It shows us that it’s possible to have a successful and lucrative career and still save a significant amount of money. His smart spending habits and frugal lifestyle allow him to enjoy the fruits of his labor without compromising his financial stability. So take a page out of Sheikh’s book and start prioritizing your spending today. You’re bound to just achieve financial stability and security sooner than you think.

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