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Expert Tips for Job Hunting in the AI Era



In an employment landscape increasingly dominated by automation, job seekers face the challenge of standing out in a sea of applicants. Guidance from seasoned experts like career coach Shari Santoriello can illuminate a path through the bewildering maze of job hunting. WSDA News presents Santoriello’s distilled wisdom, honed over two and a half decades, to help you elevate your job search strategies.


Build Your Résumé Repository

Santoriello advocates for a proactive approach to crafting your résumé. She champions the idea of a “Résumé Repository”—an all-encompassing personal database documenting every professional achievement, project, and skill. This repository allows you to tailor your application to each specific job posting quickly. By highlighting your suitability for the role, you ensure that in those precious few seconds a recruiter spends glancing at your résumé, it makes a lasting impression.


Speak Their Language

Transitioning to a new industry? Santoriello encourages immersing yourself in the language that hiring managers speak. Mastering industry jargon and terminology can unlock the gates to new sectors. Through diligent research and speaking the lingo, you can paint a convincing picture of your transferable skills, bridging the gap between what you know and what recruiters seek.


The Art of Networking

Survival in the job market jungle requires a solid network. Santoriello stresses the significance of routine networking—not as a sporadic effort when desperation strikes, but as an embedded practice. Cherish your network, cultivate relationships with a genuine spirit of community, and you’ll likely find doors opening through word-of-mouth recommendations and timely advice.


Adapt to the Age of AI

The current age of AI doesn’t mean your job searching efforts are futile; it demands more ingenuity and preparation. By following Santoriello’s advice, you can claim ownership of your job hunt and sail confidently into the career you aspire to have.


Key Strategies for Success

  • Build a Résumé Repository: Document every professional achievement, project, and skill to quickly tailor your résumé for specific job postings.
  • Speak Their Language: Master industry jargon and terminology to showcase your transferable skills effectively.
  • Network Regularly: Make networking a continuous practice to build strong, supportive relationships that can lead to job opportunities.


Equip yourself with these strategies, and you’ll not only navigate the challenges of an AI-dominated job market but also thrive in it. Embrace these tools and connections to secure the career you aspire to have.


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