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ElevenLabs Secures $80M Funding, Pioneering Marketplace for Cloned Voices

ElevenLabs, a leading company in the field of voice synthesis, has secured $80 million in a Series C funding round. The round was led by Sapphire Ventures and saw participation from notable investors including AVC, SoftBank, GGV Capital, and Sound Ventures. With this latest investment, ElevenLabs has successfully raised a total of $135 million, providing them with the resources to expand their services globally.

ElevenLabs’ primary focus is to scale their technology and develop a comprehensive marketplace for cloned voices. They have already launched a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to buy or sell AI-generated voices. The marketplace offers a wide range of voice profiles, including celebrity voices, regional accents, and lesser-known languages used in speech synthesis. Content creators, advertisers, and businesses utilizing voice-overs in their campaigns can now explore new possibilities through this platform.

While the marketplace presents exciting opportunities, concerns regarding the ethical implications of using cloned voices have been raised. ElevenLabs has taken steps to address these concerns by granting voice owner’s control over the usage of their voices. Owners can apply usage restrictions and receive a share of the revenue generated from their voices. This approach ensures that voice owners are compensated for their unique vocal characteristics and maintain control over how their voices are utilized.

By introducing this innovative marketplace and securing significant funding, ElevenLabs is positioned to make a significant impact on the way we engage with audio content. However, as AI technology advances, it is crucial to consider the ethical dimensions of employing cloned voices. As ElevenLabs revolutionizes the industry, they must also prioritize ethical considerations, distinguishing themselves as a company that combines technological advancement with responsible practices.

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