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Discovering Data’s Creative Soul: An Exhibit Like No Other

Science and art may seem like two completely different subjects, but the “Technical to Beautiful: Data as Art” exhibit at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery proves otherwise. This exhibit showcases the beauty of creativity in data science and aims to promote careers in this field. Each piece of artwork follows the theme of the exhibit, “perception of data from an artistic lens”. In this post, we will dive into the significance of this exhibit and explore the five displays featured.

The first display, “Faces of Dimensionality: The Eigenfaces,” is a representation of computational art and encourages viewers to think beyond the physical world into the statistical world. In this display, the complexities of human faces are transformed into art, promoting the beauty behind the analysis of data. This piece truly highlights the amazing work that data scientists do and the elegance that can be found within their analysis.

The second display is at the heart of the exhibit. It explores the importance of perspective when analyzing dimensional data. It combines the biological world of an Iris flower with data science, making for an intriguing display that challenges the brain to interpret the information correctly. This piece demonstrates the artistry of data visualization and encourages viewers to examine the hidden beauty behind seemingly ordinary information.

The third display, “Venus in Arms,” is another beautiful representation of computational art. This installation takes scattered data points and transforms them into a stunning visual interpretation of the planet Venus. It highlights the vast possibilities of data science and encourages viewers to consider the endless opportunities in this field.

The fourth display, “Transforming Spikes into Thunder,” offers a unique blend of both auditory and visual art. This display uses recorded brain activity to create intricate patterns that simulate sound waves. This innovative approach to data analysis highlights the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration in the field of data science.

The final display, “The Art of War,” beautifully combines data science and history by investigating the patterns of conflict throughout human history. Using data analysis, this installation creates a map of global conflict that spans over 2000 years of human history. It is a true testament to the power of data analysis and its ability to unveil hidden patterns and meanings in our world.

The “Technical to Beautiful: Data as Art” exhibit highlights the significant role that data science plays in our society. Through the power of art and design, this exhibit inspires and educates viewers on the endless possibilities and beauty that exists within the field of data science. The five displays featured demonstrate the artistry of data visualization and the importance of perspective when analyzing information. Ultimately, this exhibit encourages individuals to pursue careers in data science and discover the incredible opportunities offered in this field.

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