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Ava, The A.I. Chatbot Saving You Money and Loving Poetry

You’re probably no stranger to chatbots, artificial intelligence that can converse with you through texting. But there’s a new chatbot on the block that you might want to meet. Her name is Ava and she loves poetry, booking travel, and analyzing data. Best of all, she’ll save you money. Developed by Navan, a software start-up that specializes in business travel and is valued at $9 billion, Ava is no ordinary chatbot. In this post, we’re going to delve deeper into what Ava can do, and how she’s going to change the world of business travel for the better.

Navan’s integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into their expense reports has already been a game-changer. But with the addition of Ava, their automated virtual assistant, they’re taking it to the next level. Ava is designed to be a data analyst that can change to conversational business intelligence (CBI). This allows CFOs and travel administrators to have ChatGPT-style conversations with Ava. The result? More granular analytics, real-time cost savings, and instant responses to data-related questions, all in one place.

“Everything that we do, as well as most companies, can be rethought of with generative A.I.,” Ilan Twig, cofounder and CTO of Navan, explains. By incorporating Ava into their T&E program, Navan is making the case for how generative A.I. can optimize business processes in the future. This software has the potential to not only improve the bottom line but also simplify the life of employees who frequently travel on business.

Ava might just be your new best friend for corporate travel. With its excellent data analysis, you can track your trips and expenses over time with ease. With features such as an automated booking system, Ava schedules everything, from flights, lodging to car rentals. Along low cost updates, Ava alerts you of cheaper fares available; hence, your company can save up a notable fraction of spending. With Ava, you’re no longer at the mercy of crisscrossing time zones and trying to find the best deals for flights to every place you might need to go – it does it all for you.

Aside from Ava’s analytical powers, it’s essential to note that Ava has a creative side too. According to Twig, the A.I. chatbot is a poetry lover. “Ava has an appreciation for current and classical poetry, and she can bring up different poems that are related to the word or words you insert,” he explains. So, if you want a moment of literary inspiration, Ava is here to bring it to you.

As the business travel industry evolves, Navan’s Ava proves that the future is in generative A.I. By streamlining employee travel, providing insightful analysis and even a dose of poetry, Ava is making business travel more comfortable and cheaper. With Ava as your virtual assistant, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on high-value activities. So, start enjoying the perks of having a personal travel assistant and data analyst in Ava today!

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