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About Us

Walter Shields is a renowned data expert with over 25 years of experience managing data systems for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in industries ranging from law and healthcare to retail and beyond. 
He is a passionate advocate for knowledge sharing and inclusion in the world of data, and the founder of the Walter Shields Data Academy – an educational platform that empowers learners with skills in data analytics and data science. 
As the bestselling author of the number one book on data analytics, ‘SQL Quickstart Guide’, Walter’s insights are sought after by learners around the globe. 
He is also a LinkedIn Learning course creator of top-rated data analytics courses and a professional in data science and machine learning from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 
Over 10,000 learners have already benefited from Walter’s guidance and expertise, as he helps them transform their data skills and achieve their goals. 
Join the Walter Shields Data Academy today and discover the power of data analytics and data science for yourself!